Yellow Line Training with Dr. Matthias Jaepel

stationary-bikeYLT (Yellow Line Training) is a Program designed for those who are active and healthy to reach for higher levels of a healthier, more balanced body following an exercise program that takes you through 9 performance levels. Dr. Matthias Jaepel does an initial assessment of you then instructs you on exactly how to complete the first level and each level after that. This is a Membership Program that can only accommodate 30 clients at a time. For more details contact the front desk of The Cedar Centre.

Dr. Matthias Jaepel has a PhD in Sports Science with over 30 years of training and knowledge used to assist a wide range of clients of all ages. He has worked with pro athletes, children and people of all ages with a tremendous level of success. He is a world-class athlete himself with triathlete championship credentials.

Trained in Cancer research and cell biology he understand both training as well as healing as deep as your genetic level.

He not only developed new approaches and methodologies in MET, he as well, based on his deep understanding of swimming, created a better approach to learn and to train swimming: Side Stroke Pattern!