An Introduction to the Cedar Centre for Active Health & Living


The Cedar Centre for Active Health & Living is a “world class” destination for everyone seeking to enjoy and participate in creating a healthy mind and body.


  • The Cedar Centre will seek out and make available top quality health professionals dedicated to assisting individuals in achieving our Mission Statement using a variety of disciplines.
  • We will encourage top quality instructors devoted to activities that stimulate the mind and body to conduct their trade at the Cedar Centre.
  • We will open our location to a select range of artistic disciplines that are pleasing to the eyes and minds of all our clients.
  • We will provide a facility that offers a pleasant, pleasing environment to the eyes and ears of every person who walks through our door.
  • We will create opportunities for fellowship, gatherings for learning, discussion and education.

Our ultimate goal is the reduction and / or removal of pain through natural medicine, therapy, nutrition and exercise and then on to a healthy living lifestyle.

Welcome To The Next Evolution In Healthy Living

As we continue to add Associates to our Community at the Centre we are one step closer to achieving our goals. In the very near future we will be “that place”. It will be that place in Windsor Nova Scotia that teaches everyone how to live healthier, exercise healthier, eat healthier and play healthier. That place that helps people remain active and mobile longer and longer. That place where new and better methods and ideas are developed and taught. That place that “walks the walk and talks the talk”.

What EXACTLY is The Cedar Centre For Active Health and Living?

After reading our Mission Statement and Core Values you have a sense of where we are going and how we plan to get there. You realize that we really can become That Place!

But What is That Place:

Our building at 69 Cedar Street in Windsor, Nova Scotia is just over 100 years old. It is approximately 20,000 square feet on two levels made of bricks and planks and beams. There are a couple thousand planks and beams in our roof and floors and thousands of bricks in our walls that make our building priceless by today’s standards. But it is much more than that. If you look closely at our logo you see a view of a brick building. You also see the outline of the windows in our building. However, if you look very close and imagine the windows are the space in the letter C, then you see two C’s. That’s right, our logo is more than you first see. The Cedar Centre will also be more tomorrow than you first see today.

But THAT is not all that we are:

We are in the second stage of creating a green roof that is over 8,000 square feet in size. The main floor of The Cedar Centre has been beautifully renovated and is only 70% complete. Take a “scroll” through the pictures on this website and you will be very impressed. There are probably more French Doors here than in France! The original hand hewn supports have been encased in glass because they are so special. There has not been a single, solitary person walk through our front door that was not totally impressed by the work done. There are offices of varying sizes, a boardroom, an exercise / rehabilitation facility, washroom / shower facilities and a funky cafe totally out of character with the rest of the building…..and that makes perfect sense. There are paintings and sculptures on display that will impress the average person as well as the top collectors. When you walk up our grand staircase you can’t help but be impressed. Upstairs is currently only partially complete but our dance studios, offices and studio of David Howells, combined with the sheer magnitude of the ceiling and open space, will still give you pause.

But THAT is not all that we are:

We have brought and are bringing health professionals of all types together under one roof. We have doctors of sports science and psychiatry. As well as registered massage therapists. As well as professional instructors in METT, Yoga, and other areas of mind and fitness improvement.  We have one of Canada’s top painters bringing to life beautiful pieces inside his own studio.

But THAT is not all that we are:

We are not just bricks and planks and beams and offices and spaces filled with professionals of all types. We are a Community. We are a Team. We are a Co-operative. Together, we will become a destination.

We are the next evolution in Healthy Living.

Together we will help every person who walks through our door to get healthy, stay healthy and continue to live healthy to the best of our ability. We will be a place of learning. A place that sets the bar high for ourselves and those we work with.

You need to see us to believe us. You need to enjoy the beauty of our building. Hear the music, see the visual arts, feel the harmony. Whether you want to become an Associate of the Centre, become a client, become a student or member of one of our programs or simply want to drop by; the door is open.