Yellow Line Training with Dr. Matthias Jaepel

stationary-bikeYLT (Yellow Line Training) is a Program designed for those who are active and healthy to reach for higher levels of a healthier, more balanced body following an exercise program that takes you through 9 performance levels. Dr. Matthias Jaepel does an initial assessment of you then instructs you on exactly how to complete the first level and each level after that. This is a Membership Program that can only accommodate 30 clients at a time. For more details contact the front desk of The Cedar Centre.

Dr. Matthias Jaepel has a PhD in Sports Science with over 30 years of training and knowledge used to assist a wide range of clients of all ages. He has worked with athletes, children and people of all ages with a tremendous level of success. He is a world-class athlete himself with triathlete championship credentials.