Medical Conditions / Can Medical Exercise Therapy help?

Medical Exercise Therapy (MET) is very efficient in cardio rehabilitation, conditions of the muscle and skeletal system, in cancer therapy and in many other fields of medical conditions.

In our 16 years of practicing Medical Exercise Therapy in Nova Scotia we helped healing severe cases of frozen shoulder, more than 60 cases with plantar fasciitis, helped to save numerous hip and knee joints, were the first practicing pre-habilitation in Canada (Dr. Jaepel presented early scientific results of the benefits of pre-habilitation, Frankfurt, Ger., 1993), practiced cardio rehabilitation, helped with MS and Parkinson etc. etc. etc.

The spine and back have our very particular attention, as the spine is the very centre of all our locomotion. Our custom engineered equipment is ideal to help with scolioses.

Medical Exercise Therapy pairs clinical exercise physiology, clinical bio mechanics and clinically excepted training strategies.